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February 3, 2011

Testers Needed

I would love to start sharing different designs that I make such as album templates, blog template, storyboards, etc... but I have never used a media sharing site before. So I want to give this a try....

Here is a blogging template I just made. To use this as your own, download the file and open in photoshop. Above each layer with a black box, create a new layer and File>Place the photo you want to use. Resize the photo making sure to maintain the ratio. Then hover your mouse between the two lines on the layers palette (the layer with the black box and the layer with your photo) and hit the Alt key and then tap that line... this creates a clipping mask. You can move your photo around, free transform, etc. Now go to the next layer with a black box and repeat the steps above until you are done.  

So please go here and tell me how it works for you and then I can start sharing more fun stuff!!!! 

Here's the example:
FYI: the Fonts used are Adorable and Leander
Both are FREE!! and some of my favorites!!
That cute design at the bottom is a from The CoffeShop Blog

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