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January 10, 2011

How to make a custom Photoshop brush

I know that many of you already know how to do this... but for those who don't, I'm going to show you just how simple it is to make a "brush" in Photoshop that will make adding a watermark to your photos super easy.

 First, you should know that you can make a "brush" out of any graphic or text. I scanned this piece of scrapbook paper into my computer at 1200dpi... and then I cropped it so it's mostly the graphic I want...  

and I saved it :) 

Then in Photoshop, go to NEW.. for size, I used landscape 4X6 at 300, white...

this is the most important step... You can't just open an image and define a brush.. it has to be on a layer :) 
I don't know why... I just know it does (otherwise the only option is define Pattern... which is wicked cool if you have a ton of scrapbook paper you want to scan and make into patterns... I feel another tutorial coming)

So then hit the new layer button... or Layer>New>Layer... or Shift+Ctrl+N

and then File>Place    
select the pic you want to turn into a brush... and stretch over the background. Click the chain link to keep your proportions correct

Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool... select the graphic.... and then hit Ctrl+J and deselect.
This puts your graphic in a layer all it's own. 
Click the eyeball of the middle layer to make it disappear

To clean it up, Add a layer mask... in the layers pallet it is the square with the circle in it... 
Use a black brush at 100% to "paint" all the icky stuff off so you have a nice clean image. 

Then Flatten the Layers 
Under Edit, you will find Define Brush Preset... 

And tada! You have a brush... 

And that's the basics of making a brush!

Now you can use your brush and some text to make yourself a watermark!

Brushes are so much fun! You can change the color, size and opacity!!!! 

To make a watermark brush:

New> Photo> 4X6, 300, white... just like before :) 

Add a New Layer
and find the brush you want to use... There are TONS of free brushes out there, or you can use the brush you just created... 
 Add some text... it really doesn't matter what color everything is since it saves brushes in shades of grey

This time you don't have to flatten :) Simply go to Edit>Define Brush Preset

And you have a WATERMARK brush that is all your own!!!
(and you didn't even break a sweat)

Too fun!!!

Pat yourself on the back... You are one freaking awesome designer :) 


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