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October 31, 2010

How to make eyes bigger in Photoshop

Here is a fun little trick I use in Photoshop to make someone's eyes look bigger. It's really simple and looks natural.

First open the photo in Photoshop

Using the Lasso Tool- Select the entire eye area including the eyebrows- doesn't matter if it is sloppy :)

Look, I'm Zorro 

Then hit Ctrl+J and then Ctrl +T (PC) Mac users use Command+J, Command+T

Then resize to 106.00% X 106.00% and the little check mark to confirm

Now add a layer mask

If you've never used one before, it's at the bottom of the layers palette, it's the box with a white circle
It will put a white rectangle into your selected layer connected with a chain-link

Make sure that the mask in selected and use a soft black brush at 100% and paint over all that excess area that is surrounding the eyes... make sure you don't catch the eyes... but if you do, simple switch to a white brush and paint it back :) 

If you click the little eye ball next to your layer, you can check your before and after... 

If you like it, Flatten your image and continue with your editing. Have fun!! 

I'd love to see what you do... Link me up :) 

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